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We provide legal assistance and advice at international level for businesses and individuals, we are the bridge to international investment and business optimization, for residential and business customers. Our expertise lies in our network with numerous lawyers and auditors in the EU and the rest of the world. In short, we are the ones you can trust if you have a business idea to be realized, and you need a competent partner.



Our field of skill lies in our capacity to source negotiates and effectively market products that are requested by items purchasers. IQ-Corporate Capital B.V. is focused on the nonstop spotting of our item offering from evaluating the itemized contract details to the item quality and exchanging volumes. Our Product Sourcing Division is exceedingly experienced at scouring the farthest corners of the world to locate the most ideal commodity choices. A top to end learning and comprehension of item market trends and the requests of IQ-Corporate Capital B.V. customer construct and also request in light of the open market are essential.






Direct From Source


Specialists within the sourcing and exchanging of physical commodities IQ-Corporate Capital B.V. is an inventive organization gaining practical experience in the exchange and negotiation of commodities in the worldwide marketplace. Enabling a better transaction platform, in other to ensure simple and transparent method of trading commodities, we simply ensure that commodity investors and producers are brought under a single platform.

A validation process is taken to ensure proven, reliable and professional producers, sellers and buyers are sourced so as to establish genuine products and deals. Changing the path in which commodity transactions have verifiably occurred, IQ-Corporate Capital B.V. gets products from source without experiencing some other means; we cut out the various focus men serving as the main link between the guideline purchaser and the seller. Giving an extension between product providers and purchasers, we encourage measures by being the main channel through which information is passed guaranteeing clear correspondences and giving a protected and secure approach to execute.



From entrepreneur to Investor


Optimization is the keyword for operating a streamlined business strategy.

Our strength is our network with banks, bankers, lawyers, traders, service providers and official institutions. We have more than 20 years of Import-Export experience, with offshore and onshore companies.

We provide professional consultancy services for most kinds of cross border activities.

We assist entrepreneurs with advice and compilation of everything from business plan to implementation and financing of his projects and business ideas.

Our activities over many years, have given us sound insight in the investment business, we are directly connected to private investors combined with development banks.


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