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We are firm believers in developing new relationships and exploring new opportunities, especially when it comes to sourcing new clients and building new relationships.

Naturally, each project is assessed on its own merits and each financing structure is bespoke, designed to meet the criteria of both the Project and its Principals.





Make a one pager, stating the business summary, the need/opportunity, the solution, the market, the rough financial situation. Input and estimated output.

It is incontrovertible to make a clear picture of what you bring into your project yourself, this does not have to be of financial nature, but why you are important for the project. The more complex your project is, and the more you do know about it, the bigger is the importance for a simplified overview.





Do not hesitate to contact us for preliminary information, we are glad to help and assist you in any matter. We facilitate client transactions and make markets in fixed income, equity, currency and commodity products, primarily with institutional clients such as corporates, financial institutions, investment funds and governments. We also make markets and clear client transactions on major stock, options and futures exchanges worldwide and provide financing, securities lending and prime brokerage services to institutional clients.





We invest in and originate loans to provide financing to clients. These investments and loans are typically longer-term in nature. We make investments, directly and indirectly through funds that we manage, in debt securities, loans, public and private equity securities, real estate, consolidated investment entities and power generation facilities.

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