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Our field of skill lies in our capacity to source negotiates and effectively market products that are requested by items purchasers. IQ-Corporate Capital B.V. is focused on the nonstop spotting of our item offering from evaluating the itemized contract details to the item quality and exchanging volumes. Our Product Sourcing Division is exceedingly experienced at scouring the farthest corners of the world to locate the most ideal commodity choices. A top to end learning and comprehension of item market trends and the requests of IQ-Corporate Capital B.V. customer construct and also request in light of the open market are essential.

Notwithstanding sourcing products in light of our own market insight, we are focused on satisfying any item ask for from our endorsed purchasers. We will go up against the sourcing of another item as though it were our own to locate the ideal answer for every one of our customers' commodity necessities.


Energy Sectors


Surveys have revealed that more people are moving towards the environmental benefits of green energy. They prefer using energy that is environmentally friendly as compared to conventional polluting energy sources. In United States more than 50 percent of retail customers are able to purchase green power products directly from their electricity supplier

Green energy emerges from different natural sources like wind, sunlight, plants, light and much more. All these resources are renewable and can show a smaller impact on the environment than compared with fossil fuels. It utilizes the resources that are available in this world such that it replaces fossil fuels in all major areas such as electricity and water.




The importance of the Internet has been increasing worldwide for years,. Today about 80% of Germans are online and the numbers continue to rise. Unfortunately, Germany can only be found in the lower midfield in broadband and fiber supply when compared to other industrialized countries. The federal government has recognized this and passed the "Digital Agenda 2014-2017". One goal of this agenda is to provide broadband network connection of at least 50 Mbit/s all across the country, an endeavor that requires investments of 80 billion euros. Further investments as necessary prerequisites for Industry 4.0 and Big Data are not included here.




Commodity Trading


Product Sourcing

Our field of expertise lies in our ability to source negotiates and successfully market products that are demanded by commodities buyers. IQCC BV is committed to the continuous monitoring of our product offering from assessing the detailed contract specifications to the product quality and trading volumes. Our Product Sourcing Division is highly experienced at scouring the furthest corners of the world to find the best possible commodity options. An in depth knowledge and understanding of commodity market trends and the demands of IQCC BV client base as well as demand on the open market are essential.

In addition to sourcing products based on our own market research, we are committed to fulfilling any product request from our approved buyers. We will take on the sourcing of a new product as if it were our own to find the optimum solution to all our clients’ commodity requirements.

Regulation & Due-Diligence

The buying and selling of physical commodities is completely unregulated. There is no independent body to regulate commodities transactions and physical commodities are not classified as an investment and are therefore not regulated by the Financial Services Authority. In a market with no regulation or industry standards, we set ourselves apart by setting our own industry standards and code of conduct. At Indicator Commodity Brokers, we stand by strict criteria that producers and purchasers must comply with in order to become an approved supplier and an approved buyer. We have established a best practice that incorporates many of the principles employed by the regulated financial services industry in order safeguard our clients

Financing & Subsidy Programs


Emerging markets to simply put are countries moving from a closed economy to an open market economy e.g. China, South Africa, Peru, Czech Republic, etc. The European Union (EU) through the European Investment Bank(EIB) offers funding and subsidies for emerging markets around the world, including Africa for a wide range of projects in areas like Agriculture and Rural Development, Employment and Social Inclusion, Regional and Urban Development among others. South Africa is one of the emerging markets that benefits from EU’s funding. Since South Africa embraced democratic government in 1994, they had an agreement with EU which made the European Council entrust the EIB with four successive mandates for a total lending volume of EUR 2.4 billion.


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