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IQ-Consulting AS was established years back as a pure consultancy company with focus on providing clients and investors a professional consultancy and engineering service. The formation of the business duo and successful accomplished businesses created the reason for the new founded IQ-Corporate Capital.

IQ-Corporate Capital BV is providing trade, import and export of regular and unregulated goods, conducting consultancy work, Establishing and acquiring, participating in and working with Managing, as well as financing (other) of others Companies, in whatever legal form. Providing and entering into financial loans, managing and Possessing registry goods and making securities, too for others' debts

To carry out all further actions, with the foregoing

The widest sense or being conducive to it.



Ambitions and Enterprise


Our developing achievement is through the relations we have built with our customers and investors. Our skills, extensive experience, and financially cost-effective solutions bring us in the position of being an exquisite institution. The business founders have years of experience in delivering high quality work and solutions to businesses and clients


Discretion combined with modern dynamics makes us leaders in the offering of corporate refinance and restructuring to clients and corporations in need of financial solutions or capital or to prepare for public or private sale in an international arena.




Experts in the sourcing & trading of physical commodities IQCC BV is an innovative company specializing in the trade and negotiation of commodities in the global market place. Providing a better way to transact, we bring commodity investors and producers a simple and transparent way of trading commodities under one roof.


To see our official registry in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: Please click here!

KVK 68855206 Vestigingsnr. 000037258923


Alexander Rosenberg


About Me


I am an undaunted and a diligent leader, I believe in working hard and working smart to achieve the desired result.


For one to be a great leader, one must have been a great follower. I have served, worked with various people from different backgrounds. It is the reason why I can work efficiently as a team member and as well as a great team leader.


I ensure every task is successfully accomplished. My tons of experiences both as a military personnel and a civilian has trained me to be independent, fast thinker, and problem solver.


I have the ability to write and speak in three different languages which help me to understand and communicate effectively with people from different places.


Chris von Würtzen


About Me


I am a Determined and success-oriented leader, with each task given to me, my enthusiasm and ambition to grow as quickly as possible to arrive at the desired destination.


I am able to motivate both myself and other colleagues and to provide advice and assistance.


I am intuitive and I think with that creativity is a natural think with me, I'm not looking for problems but stranded for solutions.


Through my professional experiences Independent action and work is a natural reaction, by my trading experience I have made, it is necessary both Service Oriented to work but always taking into account the Commercial and logical thinking.



Mineam the laboris



Mineam the laboris

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